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Much of the course of human history has been defined by increasing levels of complexity. We used to light simple fires to cook our food, but nowadays people either use natural gas that is brought to their home through a system of pumps and pipes or through electricity which has its own complications in some way, shape or form. However, assuming that complexity is inherently superior to anything else you might have tried out will be erroneous to say the least.

A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that simplicity works best in a number of different scenarios, including situations where you are designing Black Metal Kards for your profit making enterprise. We would like to tell you that simple business card designs are always the best possible choice at any given point in time, since suffice it to say that they bring a whole host of advantages of the table. The first major benefit of a simple design is that it will reduce the likelihood of mistakes from the printing service.

Human error is a real nuisance, but it can’t be avoided no matter how hard you try. The simpler your design is, the lower the likelihood would be that someone’s unforeseen negligence might ruin the way it was supposed to look. What’s more is that simpler designs are a lot cheaper to print due to the lower quantity of ink that would be required, and you can also skip hiring a designer if you go the minimalist route which can save you money in a whole other area entirely that you might not even have remembered.

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