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These are the fancy LEDs that you find in really nice flashlights. Arrays of them can even be built for spotlights and automobile headlights. Because there’s so much power being pumped through the LED, these often require heatsinks. A heatsink is basically a chunk of heat conducting metal with lots of surface area whose job is to transfer as much waste heat into the surrounding air as possible. There can be some heat dissipation built into the design of some breakout board such as the one shown below.

Blue Square Uv c Ro tank Led, For Lighting, Surface Mount

We’re using a battery as our power source, because they’re easy to find and they can’t supply a dangerous amount of current. What is a resistor, how do they behave in parallel/series, decoding the resistor color codes, and resistor applications. In electronics, polarity indicates whether a circuit component is symmetric or not. UV LED mosquito trap , being diodes, will only allow current to flow in one direction. Luckily, this also means that you can’t break an LED by plugging it in backwards. Ultraviolet square bytech 8 pad 4 in 1 uva led- 365nm/385nm/…

The origin of the high ideality factor in AlGaN‐based quantum well ultraviolet light emitting diodes. The electroluminescence spectra under different injection currents are shown in Fig.4a. With the change of the injection current from 2 to 20 mA, no noticeable EL emission peak blueshift and full-width-at-half-maximum narrowing are observed. The EL emission wavelength is longer than what we expect, and the reason is being investigated. Figure4b shows the EL spectra measured with a UV–VIS spectrometer, intended to study the defect EL emission.


If the printing presses are equipped with digital front-end software optimized for LED, they can apply a thinner layer of ink while achieving the same results as conventional curing. UV LEDs are effective at producing deep-ultraviolet light that is used to kill a wide variety of harmful microorganisms. Most deep-ultraviolet light sources are mercury vapor lamps, which contain a highly toxic substance; therefore, UV LED is a suitable environmentally friendly alternative for deep-ultraviolet light sources. UV LEDs are being rapidly adopted and are becoming viable alternatives due to their lower power consumption than mercury-based light bulbs.

UV LED Lamp, Power: 5 Watt

Dochips has developed a new and unique white light chip process that completely solves the problem of high cost and low yield of white light LED chip preparation, and truly achieves low cost, high output and highly consistent batch production. Lumileds Lighting is a global leader in high-power LED chips and solid-state lighting. Their products are widely used in lighting, TV, traffic signals and general lighting. Luxeon Power Light Sources is their patented product that combines the appearance of the traditional lamps with the small size and long lifespan features of the LED chips.

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