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Tash is the Hindi equivalent of playing cards used in various games. The game of Tash ka Danda is one such game. It is played between two people and the objective is to be the first to collect five cards on your side of the board. You can use this post as an informative and factual blog post about a tash ka game. You could mention how it’s an easy-to-learn traditional card game, how it’s a great way for kids to develop skills in mathematics, and that it was historically used for gambling purposes – though many versions of this game are completely non-gambling. You could also mention that tash ka card games have been introduced in various countries.

What is a tash card game?

Tash ka card game is a traditional Indian card game and is very popular in the Northern parts of India. It has a history of more than 1000 years since it was first played around the time Jahangir, the Mughal emperor, reigned in India. The game is played with four cards and there can be any number of players, as long as there are no more than eight players at a time. The game pieces used to play this card game are called  dandas, which are wooden sticks that are about 30 centimetres in length and 5 centimetres wide. The players use the dandas to move their cards on the board or table.

Benefits of playing tash card game:

1. Portable: This card game requires very few items such as the dandas and cards, which makes it easy to store and carry. This is especially convenient when you are having a family or party at your home.

2. Family-friendly: Tash ka card games also allow children to learn and play with their parents. If a kid is travelling with parents, this game can occupy him/her for hours while the parents enjoy the time alone or with other people. You could even include it in your article by demonstrating how playing this card game together can enhance family bonding.

3. Easy to learn: Tash ka card games are also easy to learn. Even young kids can easily grasp the rules of this game and start playing it with adults. So you can mention in your informative blog post that tash ka card games are an effective tool to bond with your children while they learn the basics of a traditional Indian card game.

4. Cost-effective: You do not have to spend much money on this game since all the required items can be purchased at a very low cost. The dandas are available in most shops and you could also make one by yourself. You could mention in your article how inexpensive as well as entertaining tash ka card games are.

5. Gambling-free: This card game is not related to gambling at all, except when playing with some specific rules. You can mention in your blog post how kids can play this game without being affected by any bad gambling habits they might pick up when they grow older. So you can mention how tash ka card games are useful for learning maths in an interesting way.

So you can mention in your article that tash ka card games are fun and easy to learn, so there is no reason why people shouldn’t be making use of it. You can also encourage people to play this game as it has been played for a long time and has also been enjoyed by a great many people from every walk of life. By mentioning this, you could motivate and inspire the readers to try playing this card game.

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