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With a Redline you no longer have to spend time trying to determine what has changed in the new standard! Redlines save you time and ensure you see what the changes are to the standard. A PDF redline is a quick and easy way to compare all of the changes between the current, active standard and the previous version. With a Small indentation size/depth, the process is considered nondestructive. Ultrasonic Hardness Testers can provide fast, reliable test results and the test can be automated.

The Licensee and the Authorized Users are responsible for obtaining at their expense suitable Internet connections, Web browsers, and licenses for any software necessary to view the ASTM Products. A. Licensee is responsible for taking reasonable measures to prevent prohibited uses, and promptly notify ASTM of any infringements of copyright or prohibited use of which Licensee becomes aware. Licensee will cooperate with ASTM in investigating any such prohibited uses and will take reasonable steps to ensure the cessation of such activity and to prevent any reoccurrence. Licensee will undertake all necessary authentication and verification processes to ensure only Authorized Users can access the ASTM Product. Because of the variability of customs processes and procedures in different countries, ASTM International cannot guarantee transit times to international destinations. Domestic orders are delivered via United Parcel Service or United States Postal Service .

This is calculated as a Leeb hardness value and then automatically converted to Rockwell C, B, Brinell, Vickers and Shore Values. It has effectually brought easy, fast and accurate results to portable hardness testing. “Dynamic Impact”is based on the Leeb principle of portable hardness,developed by Dietmar Leeb in the 1970’s. Shore portable hardness testers are used for testing materials such as rubber, soft plastics and leath-er. Versions are also available for the testing of hard plastics such as bowling balls and hard hats. Electronic durometers for measuring Shore A and Shore D values are designed to fit comfortably and firmly in a user’s hand.


Motorized probe systems are used for testing of very thin coatings and platings or surfaces with a high-polish finish. “Dynamic Impact”is based on theLeebprinciple of hardness developed by Dietmar Leeb in the 1970’s. The speed of both the initial thrust and the rebound is measured in a non-contact mode.

Gross Weight

Licensee agrees to permit access to its information and computer systems for this purpose. Verification will take place upon no less than 15 days notice, during normal business hours and in a manner that does not interfere unreasonably with Licensee’s operations. If verification reveals unlicensed or prohibited use of the ASTM Products or Documents, Licensee agrees to reimburse ASTM for the costs incurred in verification and reimburse ASTM for any unlicensed/prohibited uses.

The ASTM D2674 standard specifies a method for determining the efficacy of an etchant used to prepare the surface of aluminum alloys for subsequent adhesive bonding. The specimen used for ASTM A1038 hardness test, generally consists of a probe containing a rod with a defined indenter. TheUCI-3000comes equipped with mass storage capabilities, simple calibration, a large LCD display, and quick measurement techniques that can be carried out in less than 2 seconds. Large LCD Display – Direct display measurement result, time count, maximum, minimal, average and deviation.

A com-mon load overshoot or undershoot, also known as traditional dead weight (open-loop), is eliminated. ultrasonic contact impedance hardness testing of mechanical weights not only eliminates friction problems but also makes the equipment less sensitive to misalignments caused by vibrations. The systems are ideal for laboratories, workshops, tool rooms and inspection labs.

Rabbits immunized with HNRL proteins react to the majority of the proteins present, and their sera have the capability to detect most if not all the proteins in HNRL. Simple Calibration – Save 20 groups calibration data for invoking, improve calibration efficiency. Licensee may not assign or transfer its rights under this Agreement without the prior written permission of ASTM.

ASTM G65 measures the resistance of metallic materials to abrasion using the dry sand/rubber wheel apparatus. The quality, durability, and toughness of the sample are determined using this test. Metallic materials are ranked in their resistance to scratching abrasion under a controlled environment. ASTM E572 test method covers the analysis of stainless and alloy steels by Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry .

The instrument consists of a 64-element tactile sensor array designed to visualize haptic information within the breast. It was demonstrated in both basic and clinical studies that the hardness of breast cancer lesions larger than 10mm located at depths less than 20mm could be detected using this novel haptic probe. We expect that the proposed instrument will be useful for the detection and follow-up of treatment and to predict the response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy. This test method covers the determination of comparative hardness values by applying the Ultrasonic Contact Impedance Method . Micro Vickers/Knoop hardness benchtop testers are cost-effective options in Vickers hardness applications. Testing is per-formed on extremely thin/small workpieces and is often used for checking the hardness of layers, platings and coatings on small parts in a laboratory environment.

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